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The importance of a warranty registration.

The importance of a warranty registration.

When you get a new air conditioner, or other HVAC-related systems, there is one thing left to do: product registration with the manufacturer. Unlike with small appliances, there are serious benefits to taking this step.

The most important is Register your unit to Activate or Extend the Warranty. Each manufacturer has somewhat different warranty requirements. With some, you must register your new equipment in order to get any warranty at all. Other manufacturers will give you an extended warranty when you register. The details also depend on which specific product you buy, but in all cases, you’re far better off with a registered system. If you need help finding your serial or model number, don’t worry. We are authorized dealers, so for equipment made by that company, you can call us to find out where to look.

Domestic & Light Commercial Warranty Registration

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Warranty Details

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