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Alliance Air Curtain 900mm

SKU: CHFM-0919GY 1200MM

Original price was: R4399,00.Current price is: R2899,00.

The Alliance Air Curtain provides an ‘open door’ policy that promotes trading in retail outlets, whilst also saving on energy.

  • Energy-saving: boosts efficiency of air-conditioning
  • Ensures a clean protected environment
  • Provides a comfortable climate for employees and customers
  • Very low current usage
  • Remote controlled
  • Installation not included

1 Year warranty


Mounted above entrance doors, it acts as an invisible shield, separating the indoor environment from the exterior. With airflow volumes ranging from 1400 m³/hour up to 2500 m³/hour, the Air Curtain keeps the heat out of cool airconditioned interiors and cold air out of warm interiors. At the same time, while only using minimal energy, it also boosts the efficiency of air-conditioning thus saving money. Remote-controlled, the Air Curtain can be set to 2 different airspeeds depending on requirements. Easy to install and maintain, the Alliance Air Curtain is available in 3 different widths from 900mm to 1500mm, and for wider apertures, several units can be mounted side by side.

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