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Benefits of the Samsung WindFree Air Conditioner

Benefits of the Samsung WindFree Air Conditioner

“Coolness without the breeze”.

The only system that uses “still air” to evenly cool your space for your comfort – Samsung’s innovative WindFree technology gives you coolness without the breeze. With its advanced airflow, it gently disperses air through 23,000 micro air hole, so there is no unpleasant feeling of cold wind on your skin.

The Samsung WindFree air conditioner is one of the smartest and most technologically advanced units in the air conditioning market. There are many benefits to the Samsung WindFree air conditioner that will leave you wanting one!

SmartThings App:

Remotely control it anytime, anywhere. You don’t have to be in the room to control the airflow. With the SmartThing App, you can set up your heating and cooling schedule, monitor energy consumption, control your air conditioner, accumulate data on your usage plus, keep tabs on your functionalities through the Home Care Wizard App.

Energy Efficiency – 77% less electricity use:

Enjoy up to 77% less energy usage on WindFree mode. So, save money every day while maximizing on comfort and complete control.

AI Auto Cooling:

Cool your room faster than fast with AI Auto Cooling while maintaining a hygienic space with loads of comfort. Simply set your desired temperature with the amount of humidity required and it will automatically switch to WindFree mode to maintain your desired temperature.

WindFree Good Sleep:

Achieve the perfect temperature for your beauty rest with the Good Sleep mode. Designed with a temperature control function to give you the temperature you need.

Motion Detect Sensor:

A smart air conditioner that knows when to spare your energy. The Motion Detect Sensor uses a variety of operating options to sense when you are not in the room, then appropriates the functions using SmartThings. Save up to 43% of energy with this Motion Detect Sensor feature. The Motion Detect Sensor detects if there is no movement after 20 minutes and will automatically switch to the WindFree mode to save energy.

Once you are in the room, the Motion Detect Sensor will then allow you to choose whether you want an indirect flow of air that will flood the room you are in or a direct flow of air that will detect your movement and push air to your direction.

Benefits of the Samsung WindFree Air Conditioner

PM 1.0 Filter:

Protect yourself from inhaling bacteria and tiny particles. A PM 1.0 Filter sterilizes over 99% of bacteria that gets stuck on the filter surface. It works twice as fast as a PM 2.5 Filter. Enjoy purified air in any room – The PM 1.0 filter feature ensures that you get a breath of fresh air, by cleaning the air around you in both heating or cooling mode. 

Freeze Wash:

With just a single click, you can keep your air conditioner at optimum performance – The Freeze Wash feature washes away dirt and micro-organisms by freezing the heat exchanger then destroying that ice to wash the filter. It dries up any moisture left and will alert you when it is due for its next cleaning.

Fast Cooling:

Designed to cool faster, wider and farther. Cool rooms quickly from corner to corner, so you’re always comfortable. Digital Inverter Boost technology cools the air 43% faster. Its advanced design also has a 15% larger fan, 18% wider inlet and a 31% wider blade. So cool air is dispersed farther and wider, reaching up to 15 meters.


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