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Can you use an aircon to heat a room?

Since the start of time, people have found ways to keep cool when it gets hot. We stand in front of the fridge, suck ice cubes, but most of us turn on the aircon to its coldest setting and revel in the cool air.

So, what do we do when we’re cold? Heaters are handy, but they eat electricity and can leave you with a fat metro rates bill. Did you know that your air conditioners can actually be used as safer, more eco-friendly heaters? Here’s why:


Aircons use less power than heaters

Which of your household appliances use the most electricity per minute? If you said your kettle or toaster or geyser, you’re right. Element-based appliances use way more electricity than you’d think. Since an aircon has no element, if you use it the same amount of time you would an electric heater, you’ll save.


Heating with aircons is much safer

Countless fires in South Africa are directly caused by heaters. All it takes is a blanket or curtain touching a red-hot element and a fire is going to start. This is not only dangerous – it’s totally avoidable. With aircon heating instead, the risk of fire is literally removed. Simply set your aircon to a comfortable temperature, and it’ll heat your room in a matter of minutes.


Aircons are more efficient heaters

How much more efficient? Three times more. Your air conditioning heating will prevent cold-spots from forming in certain parts of your room. Where a heater heats its immediate area, an aircon set to heat setting will circulate the warm air throughout the room – making it nice and toasty wherever you’re sitting.


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