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Inverter aircons vs. non-inverter aircons

Gone are the days when air conditioners were giant pieces of machinery only a few wealthy people could afford. Today, aircons come in many shapes and sizes, from tiny little desktop aircons to larger portable aircons and wall-mounted air conditioners. Here’s an air conditioning question we get asked all the time: what’s the difference between inverter aircons and non-inverter air conditioners?

The main differences

Some air conditioner suppliers will tell you not to even bother with non-inverter aircons. They might be based on older air conditioning technology, but that doesn’t mean inverter-free air conditioners don’t have a place in the cooling industry. The main differences between inverter aircons and non-inverter aircons can be broken into three areas:

  1. Air cooling performance

An inverter air conditioner is more flexible than a non-inverter, as the controlled compressor system will automatically adjust the cooling performance according to what the thermostat senses. Non-inverter systems, however, operate on a fixed level of cooling power – no matter how the room temperature fluctuates.

  1. Overall efficiency

When it comes to saving electricity, inverter aircons take the cake. Modern air conditioning technology limits energy consumption wherever possible, making it a more likely choice for those who would rather save money on their electricity bills each month. Inverter aircons use 30 – 50% less energy than non-inverter air conditioners.

  1. Compressor unit

The main difference between non-inverter and inverter air conditioners is the compressor system, which is responsible for compressing refrigerant gas into a liquid. Inverter aircons feature controllable compressors which work to increase or decrease output. Non-inverter aircons can only operate on full capacity or not at all.

Pros & cons of inverter air conditioners

  • PRO: more energy efficient than non-inverter air conditioners
  • PRO: inverter aircons are quieter than non-inverter aircons
  • PRO: much longer lifespan than non-inverter air conditioners
  • CON: on average, inverter aircons are more expensive

Pros & cons of non-inverter air conditioners

  • PRO: non-inverter aircons are, on average, cheaper
  • CON: creates more noise than inverter aircons
  • CON: non-inverter aircons have shorter lifespans
  • CON: uses much more electricity than inverter aircons


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