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At Aircon Hyper we believe that quality is the most important consideration when choosing an air conditioner for your home or office. With numerous makes of air conditioners available on the local market,  it’s important for you to know that you have selected a brand of air conditioner that will provide the necessary spares, after sales service and warranty in the years following your purchase.

This is why we have chosen to primarily partner with Samsung, Alliance, Daikin, Midea, Carrier, LG and Airco brands, this obviously not withstanding the supply of all other air conditioning brands as displayed above!

Samsung air conditioning

Established over 70 years ago, Samsung is by far the world’s fastest-growing
electronic  brand. With distribution facilities in all major metropolitan areas
throughout  South Africa – in association with Samsung – ACS is able to offer
customers an  innovative and comprehensive range of Samsung air conditioners
plus full  after-sales, service and spares support. This is just one of the
reasons why Samsung air conditioners have fast become one of
SA’s leading and most popular  brands.

Samsung  is one of the top brands in the field of ‘split’ air conditioners –
where there  is a quiet wall-mounted unit inside and the condenser outside.

Wall mounted air conditioners have become very popular in domestic applications throughout  South Africa, with its signature line of Max, Max inverter and Max non-inverter air conditioners, you really are spoilt for choice. The premium range includes the AR6500, AR8500 and brand new sophisticated AR9500 options which offer features like windfree and wifi.

An  ever-growing market trend in the commercial field is the use of one
outdoor  unit that services several indoor units. Samsung air conditioner units
such as  the Free joint multi and Digital Variable Multi system are ideal for use in home, guest houses and hotels because they are technologically-advanced systems that not only allow precise room temperature control  but also highly efficient and environmentally-friendly.

Daikin air conditioning

With more than 90 years of experience in air conditioning and climate control solutions, we know that a perfect climate requires more than just heating and cooling.

Daikin South Africa provides heating and cooling solutions to fit your needs, whether you’re a homeowner, a company owner, or a hotel management. We are a major provider of air conditioners, ventilation units, condensing units, and a variety of other products. Begin your project with us by determining the sort of structure you require. In South Africa and neighboring countries, we specialize in the installation of air conditioning systems.

Air conditioning, natural gas furnaces, super-efficient geothermal heat pumps, and effective indoor air quality solutions are all part of our expertise.

Daikin’s 5-year parts and labour warranty applies to split, multi split and ducted air conditioners purchased and installed in homes across Australia

Alliance air conditioning

Alliance air conditioners and heat pumps are really making waves amongst air conditioning suppliers today, backed by nationwide branches with ultimate styling and applications at a superb price. The commercial applications are varied with larger projects being their focus. In the wall mounted air conditioning department they have four different offerings ranging from the Aqua and the Neocool for volume installations.

Midea air conditioning

Midea has invested more than 45 years and billions of dollars in research and development and believe in creating value through rapid response to market demands, cost-efficient operations and consumer satisfaction. As a result, Midea wields vast production capacities to meet these demands, a fully integrated manufacturing process, and a comprehensive range of affordable, high-quality products to serve its global customers. With over 1000 engineers working round the clock and over 300 new products being developed and over 100 patents filed, Midea is dedicated to continuously improving product quality and customer satisfaction.

Special features

  • Completed performance and electric test before shipment
  • Waterproof and anti corrosive design for outdoor installation
  • From our super slim cassette to our self diagnostic refrigerant leak detector and motion sensor function, Midea units are on the cutting edge of innovation and development.

Warranty & after sales support
All Midea branded products are backed by one of the best warranties in the industry. 3 Years on the complete unit and 5 years on the compressor.
Midea takes pride in providing its customers with efficient after sales support, including readily available spare parts and qualified service technicians.

LG air conditioning

LG, one of the worlds leading manufacturers of air conditioners, develops products with an innovative filtration technology designed to improve your environment. Aircon Hyper offers a comprehensive range of home and office air conditioning systems from the LG range designed to suit any sized building, space or apartment. Be it a split room or multi-split room air conditioner unit, LG offer the most sophisticated way to cool your space.

LG air conditioning systems are eco-friendly with advanced features and thoughtful designs that will help you breathe easier. The Built-in HEPA filters helps capture and contain dust and dirt particles.

Carrier air conditioning

Carrier is one of the world’s oldest and most-trusted cooling companies. There’s a reason for that, actually: their namesake Willis Carrier practically invented the first air conditioner all the way back in 1902.

Most companies would just ride those credentials all the way to today, but the incredible thing is that Carrier has continued to innovate, invent, and establish themselves as one of the top HVAC manufacturers in the world. Today, they’re at the cutting-edge of sustainability, energy-efficiency, quiet design, and a number of other categories.

Airco air conditioning

At Airco, we are committed to offering Air Conditioning equipment with the highest efficiency ratings and lowest impact on the environment. All of our products utilize non ozone depleting refrigerants and are specially sourced and design for the African markets. Airco are always at the forefront of new technology and the latest advancements in HVAC equipment.

We aim to offer the best products backed up with excellent after sales service. We continually strive to meet the demands driven by rising energy costs, environmental impact, capital cost considerations, return on investment and sustainability to offer you the best solutions for any application. To do this we have added a lot of ranges to our stable to give you and your client the best HVAC solution for your requirements

Get in touch with us today and we will help you choose the best air conditioner brand that we meet your budget and preference. Request a quote by sending an email or a WhatsApp 060 530 2268.



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