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Can I Use My Heat Pump During Winter?

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps are incredible inventions that harvest energy from the atmosphere, transferring it to your pool’s water. Homeowners often inquire if they can still use the heat pump during the cold days of winter. Believe it or not, the answer is yes! Your heat pump is designed to extract energy from the air, no matter the temperature.

Rest assured you can always heat your pool in any season, thanks to our Swimming pool heat pumps designed to thrive in the South African climate. They operate effectively from -10°C to 45°C, though colder temperatures require more output power to reach desired swimming warmth. The heat pumps are also engineered for low power consumption and long lasting durability, so you don’t have to worry about any surprise costs. Plus, they are backed by an extended warranty for your peace of mind.

Here are 7 things you should know about winter pool heating:

No limitations
Harvest energy from your surroundings even on the chilliest days with our pool heat pump. Enjoy higher efficiency and output without sacrificing the temperature of your pool — just increase your heat pump size, running time, or decrease your temperature to keep the warmth up.

Defrost mode
Keep your pool warm even in cold weather! The Defrost mode of this heat pump will reverse run a few cycles to eliminate any ice that forms on its components, allowing you to enjoy a heated pool all year round. All this with only a few minutes of process time, so you won’t have to worry about extended heating times.

Always maintain your heat pump
Keep your pool heat pump running efficiently with regular winter maintenance. Clear away any debris around the heat pump area to ensure proper airflow and ventilation. Taking this additional step can help prevent unexpected breakdowns caused by blocked airflow.

Pool covers are your best friend
Save energy and reduce evaporation with our pool cover. This insulated cover acts as a barrier whenever you heat your pool, trapping the heat and reducing the amount of water lost due to evaporation. Keep your pool temperature constant and cut your energy costs.

Bigger units make your winter feels like summer
Upgrade your pool heating system with the larger unit size of our heat pump. Fight the winter chill with higher efficiency and power, and enjoy an easy season with reliable performance. Get ready for your most comfortable winter yet.

Maximum running times
The pool heat pump should be operated 24 hours a day for optimal efficiency. To prevent over-chlorinating, use an ITS or Alliance single pump controller, and adjust power levels with the WiFi application’s multiple timer settings, such as silent mode for night and full power for day.

Remote control through the app
Utilize the Wi-Fi app to oversee your heat pump hassle-free–no more braving the cold to confirm if your pool’s been heated! Keep warm indoors and monitor/control your heat pump from the comfort of your own home this winter.

Harness the power of winter to extend your pool season with Aircon Hyper’s efficient pool heating. Keep swimming through the chilly months with superior warmth and comfort—all year round!  Get in touch today to learn more.



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