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Investing In A Scotsman Ice Machine For Your Business

For those in the food industry, there can be no doubt that having a steady supply of fresh ice is as crucial as having tables for your customers to sit at or plates to eat off. The point is, that ice is an absolute necessity, since you don’t want to have to face the lukewarm wrath of your customers as they grimacingly sip on a room temperature drink.

But there are a number of ways to get ice into your establishment. You might find it worth your while to outsource it, or you may have taken an interest in making your own. Whatever the case, if you have been toying with the idea of investing in an ice machine, here are a few things you should consider first, to find out if it would be worth your time and money first.

How much Ice does your business need?

The first thing you should consider before buying an ice maker, is how much of the stuff you need. Machine capacities range from hundreds of pounds of ice to thousands on a 24-hour cycle, depending on the tray and compressor setups.

Small businesses may find that investing in an ice machine might be a little overkill, while those with larger needs may find that opting to outsource ice creation is more costly and inconvenient in the long run.

Are you already paying too much for ice?

The price that you might be paying for ice depends largely on who you are getting it from and the quantities in which you order it. By the law of economics, the more you order, the less it should cost per pound.

However, if you have particularly high requirements at your bar, club or restaurant, you may find that investing in a Scotsman ice machine (along with all of its power and water costs) might actually work out far cheaper in the long run.

if you don’t really need the capacity which can be offered by an ice machine, you may find yourself squandering valuable money and time on the machine itself.

Can your establishment handle a Scotsman ice machine?

One of the major concerns you might face when purchasing an ice machine, is whether or not your premises can actually support one. If your kitchen is already too hot and noisy, an air or water cooled ice machine might add to the problem. Are you struggling for space? Then an ice machine might only worsen the problem. Of course, selecting different types of compressors will offer solutions to any problems your premises might bring up.

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