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Not only can you buy aircons from Aircon Hyper, but you can also have your aircon professionally installation by one of our accredited installers. The aircon installation is extremely important and we highly recommend that it gets done by a professional and qualified installer to ensure the aircon unit works correct. This guide will give you all you need to know about how the Aircon Hyper aircon installation process works.

What is included in the Back-to-back midwall split installation?

Our midwall split installation option are quoted as a standard “back-to-back” installation which is most cost effective and simple. The back-to-back installation from Aircon Hyper includes brackets for the outdoor unit, 3m copper piping kit, one length of PVC drain conduit (this is used to drain the water out from the unit), one core hole drilled for the pipe work between indoor and outdoor unit.

The back-to-back aircon installation does not include, additional core hole drilling, additional drain conduit lengths, water pumps, electrical, PVC (100×40) trunking which is used to mask the piping between indoor and outdoor units for aesthetics.

If the installation is not back-to-back and the installer suggests any additional materials and labour. These are charged out to the customer for the additional items needed for the installation, we believe in full transparency, and you will get notified upfront that if the unit is not installed back-to-back, additional fees may be incurred.

The appointed installer has been to site and has completed the inspection and confirmed positioning of the aircon units with the customer, the installer will notify us and the customer of any additional materials or labour required to complete the installation.

Once the customer approves the installers quotation for the additional materials and labour, this ensures that the customer knows exactly what is being charged additional to the standard installation fee.

What brackets do we use?

We include galvanized bracket and bolt sets in our installation kits. The bracket sets are used to mount the outdoor condenser units on the outdoor wall to keep the condenser stable at different heights.

Where does Aircon Hyper install?

We have accredited installers nationwide.

Do we Remove and reinstall aircon units?

We believe in giving our customers the best value for money. Even though most aircons are installed “permanently”, if customers move from their homes and offices after spending money on their aircon units, we offer removing the aircon from their current premises and re-installing this in the new premises at a re-installation charge.

This way, our customers can ensure the aircon unit is being removed and re-installed professionally and they are able to keep the unit they purchased without having to get a new one. Where possible, we also re-use existing materials making the installation process more affordable for the customer.

Do our installers offer chasing of pipework?

Some customers prefer that the piping work is not visible and would rather have it chased into the walls for best outcome in terms of aesthetics. Our Installers offer chasing of pipework and drains where required at an additional cost. However, the patchwork and painting are to be completed by the customers builder for this. It is extremely important for the pipes to be untouched once laid and tested for leaks as once the walls are closed, access is extremely limited and if any leaks occur, the wall must be re-opened for this to be repaired.

Why don’t we offer patching & painting in installations?

When installing an aircon, drilling is required in which patching and repainting may be required for certain installations. Our installers patch any holes being made with, but we do not offer any permanent patching, waterproofing or painting as it is for the client to get this completed if required.

What Electrical work is included aircon installations?

We can assist with normal back-to-back installations in lighting speed however it is quite difficult to quote on electrical installations to the DB on the onset as all customer’s electrical requirements are different.

To comply with requirements, each air conditioning unit is required to have its own isolating switch which is then connected to its own circuit breaker on the distribution board. We do recommend that this is done with an electrician that has previously worked in the house, so he/she is aware of the existing services.

How long does the installation take?

A midwall split back-to-back installation takes around 2-3 hours per aircon unit on average inclusive of time required to test the unit as well as tidy up after installation. However, installations that are more complex, may require additional time.

What happens after installation?

After the aircon installation has been completed, the appointed installer will test the unit for a period. They will then record temperatures to ensure that the unit is working up to spec. Once the installation has been completed, the customer will sign the job card to confirm that all installation work was completed as required and the customer is then happy to conclude the order.

Our installer is also usually happy to assist our customers with guiding them through the basic functionality of the aircon system. They usually assist customers with guiding them through how to change the unit from heating to cooling as well as changing fan speed and lourve direction.

After installation and order conclusion, it is important to know that the unit will need to be serviced annually or bi-annually. The service will ensure that warranties are maintained and that the unit functions optimally.

How much does the installation cost?

Our aircon installations are done by experienced professionals who give the best service. As we operate on a large scale, through economies of scale we can offer low pricing to our customer for aircon installations.

Aircon installations can also be purchased through our online store. The installation option can be purchased in advance as well. If a customer wants to take advantage of a special, they can buy an aircon unit and installation, make payment on our website or via quote and have the aircon installation done when they are ready even if it is a month or two away.

We aim to ensure our customers get the best possible pricing whilst still working around their deadlines. We do also try and ensure we get to customer as quickly as possible upon confirmation and payment of orders. Shop online with Aircon Hyper today!



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