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4 benefits of a pool heat pump

Got a swimming pool that you can’t even dip your toe into during colder months? Even worse: you have a pool that’s under some tree overhang most of the day. Take control of your swimming pool temperature with a pool heat pump. We’re taking a look at a few types of pool heat pumps, and four reasons you should use an Alliance pool heating pump to heat your indoor or outdoor swimming pool.


What’s a pool heat pump?

A pool heat pump warms swimming pool water through a water circulation process. The unit uses a compressed gas and airflow system just like an air conditioner. But, instead of heating or cooling a room, a pool heat pump controls the temperature of swimming pool water.


Types of heat pumps available

The type of heat pump that you’re going to buy depends on the size of your swimming pool. Pool heat pumps range in capacity, from small 3.5kW units right up to powerful 100,000-litre heating pumps. There are Jacuzzi heat pumps and swimming pool heat pumps, but these can be used to  heat any pool of water. Modern pool heat pumps are more cost effective, more energy efficient, and better for the environment.


Benefits of using modern pool heat pumps

  • They are more energy efficient

Pool heat pumps shouldn’t be confused with their older predecessors, pool heaters. Traditional pool heating pumps used elements (like a kettle but bigger) to heat a pool’s water. Natural gas heaters are more energy efficient (and cost effective) than element-heated pools, but they don’t come close to pool heat pumps like you’ll find here on Aircon Hyper.

  • They cost much less to operate

Compared to pool heaters that use natural gas or electricity (elements) to heat the pool water, pool heat pumps are cheaper to run. There’s no getting around it. The only costs involved are gas refilling from time to time, and the minor electrical costs associated with running the unit’s fan.

  • They are way more eco-friendly

Pool heat pumps don’t burn any fossil fuels to operate, and release zero CO2 emissions. This makes them the most eco-friendly way to heat your swimming pool or Jacuzzi. The unit does use electricity, but only a very small amount, reducing its carbon footprint to almost zero.

  • They are durable heating solutions

You can expect your pool heat pump to last much longer than any other pool heating solution out there. Gas water heaters aren’t known for their longevity, and any old technology will become more and more expensive to maintain in coming years.


Buy pool heat pumps online in South Africa

Aircon Hyper is your go-to choice for the best prices on heat pumps for pools and aircons. We are approved online retailers of Alliance pool heat pumps, and can arrange installations should you require help with that. Browse our full range of pool heat pumps, or contact Aircon Hyper to speak directly to a team member.



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