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Hisense Air conditioners

Hisense Air conditioners have been designed to provide comfort under the harsh conditions of the South Africa climate. Hisense aircons are easy to operate with filters that can be easily removed, cleaned and replaced by users. The Hisense range is currently limited to midwall split air conditioners.

Our Hisense Aircon range is affordable and includes features such as smart technology and easy to use controls. The Hisense aircon Reverse Cycle Split System and Cooling only split systems were given a rating of 3.5 out of 5, which is a solid score for their first foray. Hisense’s range offers three capacity choices for each configuration. These units also deliver allergy friendly comfort, fitted with filters that can reduce the generation of bacteria and disease. Hisense’s quiet mode is also ideal for those working at home or new parents trying to encourage a peaceful night’s sleep.

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