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York 1200mm Air Curtain

SKU: YAC4012

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The downward airflow creates an invisible barrier to any entry way without physically blocking the passage of goods and people. This air-curtain limits the mixing of air of differing temperatures to better maintain comfort, and it helps to prevent pollutants and insects from entering the space. These are most commonly

  • Top air inlet, bottom discharge, powerful air flow
  • Patented and innovative curve-shaped design
  • Never-rust, aluminum alloy case in combination with high precision ABS
  • Easy to install and uninstall
  • Low-noise centrifugal blower and high speed motor
  • 5000 hours continuous running without failure
  • Freely adjustable airflow direction
  • Both remote control and bottom control provided
  • High speed and low speed settings
  • Installation not included

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1 Year warranty


Used in:

  • High traffic entry ways
  • Cafeterias
  • Hospitals
  • Quick-serve Take-Aways
  • Quick-stop Groceries
  • Cafés with inside and outside seating
  • Train Stations & Airports
  • Bus Terminals
  • Food & Beverage Processing Plant

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